You love farming. There's something so beautiful about life on the farm. You're not just out to make money, you do it because you love it & the lifestyle it affords you and your family.
You want to work smarter. You are ready to be shown how to work a lot smarter, not just be the hardest worker all the time, but also really effective
You’re bogged down. You wake up early, work late, spend your weekends on the farm…and you can’t remember the last time you took a holiday. You want your farm to be successful but you don’t have any more hours to give.
You want to become a TOP producer & business owner. You have an open mind, you're willing to try new things, and you want to become the best version of yourself in business and life.
You want to have a program to help you reach your potential You know that working with a mentor could help you be your best
 During the course, you will... 
Confidence and clarity with the ability to make clear decisions.  Experience more energy, and a lot more confidence to make those decisions to take your business to the next level.  A lot of people get stuck, because they dont know where to start.  This will help you
A fresh plan (perfect for kick-starting 2023!) to implement immediately, which will help you make the most out of your next 12 months, knowing you did everything you could to get the results you're after, and enjoy the process along the way.
Practical & relevant skills to run YOUR business: Avoid mistakes, work smarter not harder, and improve your leadership skills - all of which are highly transferable skills across ANY business, should you choose to diversify in the future.
Your 10 year strategic plan and how to make it happen. Stop 'winging it' and become intentional with how you invest your time with a plan you can implement immediately. 
How to bring your team together and run in the same direction. Figure out how to delegate responsibility & tasks so everyone is playing to their strengths, values, and enjoy the process along the way (which can be easier said than done on a family farm!)
Become the best version of yourself. Be a better leader, partner, parent or sibling, get your clarity & motivation sorted, and feel great about your life and the difference you make to the people around you.
PLUS - 1 group coaching session a month for 12 months with our experienced Farm Business Coaches. That's twelve coaching session included as part of this Program.
Farm Owners Academy exists to help farmers like you achieve
More Profit, More Control, More Freedom

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